My Nomadic Expat Life – An Introduction

Hello blogosphere!!

My name is Debra (I couldn’t be bothered to be incognito – can’t see the point quite frankly) and I’m about to embark on an (another) exciting adventure.

In around 2 weeks time, I’m leaving South Africa for Kuwait to live there permanently with my husband, whom I shall be calling FG on my blog – short for Famous Grouse (a whiskey) – because he is usually grumpy. Adorable, but often grumpy.

I’m going to Kuwait via Thailand where I’m going to live for 2 months volunteering at The Dog and Cat Rescue Centre on the island of Koh Samui. I’m the kind of person that needs to love animals and when I leave South Africa, I have to give away my doggies to a new home. It’s going to kill me.

So this is my first post, and I’m going to just browse around on WP and see what I can do to make my site look nice.

Feel free to follow me….



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13 responses to “My Nomadic Expat Life – An Introduction

  1. Well, hullo there Deb!!!
    Will be following your adventures avidly 😉
    go well buddy!

  2. Ernie Mason

    Hi Deb,

    Sounds like a great adventure. Have fun

  3. Sarchasm2

    OK Have found you and added to blogroll so others can find you too. Looks good so far

  4. I will be following you wherever you go….

  5. Carolyn Dewrance

    Have a good time and we will miss you here in Cape Town

  6. welcome, i think you will enjoy being here

  7. Great to see you here, Debra. Good luck in your new venture. Look forward to reading about your new life. xx

  8. Hi Insane one! How about an update?

  9. Hi! Just a follower from your old blog. Glad to see you again.

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